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Inna Reznik

Assistant Principal

I graduated from Hunter College with a Bachelors Degree in English Education and later earned a masters Degree in English Education and a Masters Degree in School Building Leadership from the City College of New York. Before Joining the Heritage community in 2016, I was a teacher for nearly eleven years. I taught English Language Arts and History. I currently live in Brooklyn, New York with my family. One of my favorite things to do is to read novels. Some of my favorite authors include Adriana Trigiani and Khaled Hosseini.


Alfredo Sanchez

Attendance Coordinator

Alfredo Sanchez is Attendance Coordinator and Pupil Personnel services team member. Alfredo's duties as our attendance coordinator is to distribute and collect all attendance sheets. He also serves as the point person for Metrocard distribution and maintenance. He creates ID cards and updates the CASS system including managing the system of swiping IDs and assisting in maintaining order in common spaces.


Hannah Thach

Assistant Principal

Hannah Thach is the assistant principal responsible for supervision/pupil personnel services. She also does programming and is the school's data specialist.


Omar Guevara

Administrative Assistant/CASS Coordinator

Omar Guevara is our community associate. He organizes the coverages for teacher absences and is a member of the attendance team. he manages the CAAS systems for swiping of student IDs, distributing and collecting lunch applications and inspecting and singing for deliveries. he performs as the school treasurer. His responsibility includes processing working papers, disseminating school supplies, and coordinating the basement. He maintains a record of the school's inventory of books and supplies. He assists in the main office, distributing Metrocards, and in maintaining order in common spaces. Omar maintains a log for technology and repairs or issues associated with technology.


Gladis Borges

Gladis Borges is an education paraprofessional.


Nytia Jenkins

Nytia Jenkins is our Human Resource and Payroll Secretary. In addition to the management of HR/payroll issues, she serves as the executive secretary for the Principal. Nytia oversees the filing and maintenance of all school documents, school calendar, Sub central, annual inventory of DOE technology and materials, updating DOE compliance reporting, staff attendance procedures, per session, school permits, building repair & maintenance liaison, request for safety officers, transportation passes, and other duties.  Nytia coordinates with administration for the purchasing and ordering of school supplies including text books and certifies the purchase orders.

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